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Time to invest or time for an advisor?

Time to invest or time for an financial security important enough to invest the time to invest well?

Time to invest or time for an advisor? Is financial security and retirement independence important enough to spend the time to learn how to invest well?

Time to invest or time for an advisor?

Time to invest or time for an advisor? Is your financial future and security worth some time? Too little time and you have no choice but to use an advisor. If your future is important enough, spending time well can definitely improve investment returns. But it takes time and effort. The amount is anything a person wants. It can range from no time to full-time.

Investors need to invest some time to understand and manage their investments. This post begins a White Top View Series, Basic Time. This and the following posts in the series help novice investors get comfortable with the amount of time required to invest well. It is a very basic introduction.

Links to all parts of the White Top View Series, Basic Time are at the end of this post.

Investing Full-Time Fun

If you are like me, investing is full-time fun. On the other hand, some people think getting their teeth cleaned is more fun than investing will ever be.

Someone with no knowledge or interest should spend little time at it. They should use a financial advisor. They need to carefully select use and listen to a professional financial advisor. In another post we discuss characteristics and qualifications they should look for. When your financial security and independence are important enough you will make the time to learn how to invest well.

Limited or modest returns are a downside an investor with no time or interest has to accept. For some people this is a responsible trade-off. Those who make time for what matters get amply rewarded by learning about investing.

Quality Financial Professionals Deliver Solid Returns

A financial professional working in your best interest can set up an appropriate portfolio that offers a solid return. A quality advisor can keep you pointed in the right direction.

You need reasonable expectations. A conservative, well structured and properly managed portfolio in today`s market can protect wealth and deliver a solid return of 4 to 6% or even greater in favorable markets. With professional help, in a few hours a year a client can understand and approve such a conservative portfolio.

When your money matters to you, takes some time to grow your dollars by investing well.

It takes some time and effort to grow your dollars by investing well. You can make time for what matters to you.

Quality financial advisors working in the best interests of clients prefer clients that are knowledgeable and financially literate. Naturally they also like them rich! However even holders of modest accounts can benefit from quality financial advice.

Be The Desired Client

Become that desired client. Read about and pay attention to economic developments in your community and life. Dig a little deeper to better understand economic events and influences around you. In time with little effort, you will grow.

That simple effort will give you a better and deeper understanding of financial and market matters. That will give you a better grasp of how the economy and markets work.

Take advantage of having an advisor. Ask that each investment and any alternatives offered, be explained so you really understand your choices, cost and alternatives.

Thereafter, recommendations made by your financial advisor will be readily understood. You will better understand both the recommendations, the explanation and how it fits you investment needs. To learn, asking why is most often the very best question.

Advisors cost. For many people, a quality financial advisor, represents a very valuable investment. If you want to pile up better returns, seek faster growth or lower costs, you have many other choices. They all take more time and effort but can produce significantly greater returns.

When you ask the, time to invest or time of an advisor tradeoff question, you need to carefully consider how important your financial future and security are. Time well invested can definitely change investment outcomes.

In the next post in this series, Part 2: More time in equals more money out! we discuss how more time can produce more money!

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