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Investor, is a stranger selling your stock?

Investor, is a stranger selling your stock?

Part 2 of 12 part Short Story on Short Selling series. Investors that short a stock, profit by selling shares they don’t own. Without your knowledge, a short seller may have borrowed stock that you own. The loan comes from your stockbroker’s inventory which includes the stock you hold.

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How to find stocks that consistently make you money

How to find stocks that consistently make money

Win by picking winners!
Look among the stock market leaders for the winners. That is how to find stocks that consistently make you money. Stocks that lead the charge upward in bull markets consistently produce profits for shareholders. Go there and pick among the leaders to build a portfolio of winners.

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Investors seek yes three times or say no

3 Times yes or investors say no

3 Times yes or investors say no! The economy, market and company must all say yes or we answer no! White Top View series: Playing Market Odds, discusses how superior investors play market odds and avoid common investment errors. This Part 3 of the series, covers how superior investors wait for three positive signals before investing. Before investing we research the facts on the economy as well as the market and company. The economy, market and the company information must all give positive signals or we say no to investing.

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How do I avoid the 6 Sins of new investors

6 Sins of new investors

6 Sins of new investors, introduces 6 common investing sins and opens a seven part White Top View series, Playing Market Odds. The investing sin list: making investments based only on a media report, investing without research, holding investments that are losers, investing in turnaround or bankrupt companies, averaging down by buying more of a loser, not learning about or paying attention to investments. These 6 investing sins of beginners are mistakes that have the nasty habit of being costly. We learn about them, avoid them and quickly correct the mistakes we make.

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small investor advantages

6 Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows

Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows. Warren Buffett tells us that small investors have a growth advantage over huge investment accounts. This post discusses how that can be. When you or Warren Buffett are considering an investment opportunity, the opportunity must have the potential to make a difference to your portfolio. The advantages include, 1. Returns make a big difference, 2. Oh yes! Size matters! 3. Faster growth numbers, 4. Liquidity advantage, 5. Playing the pecking order, 6.New listings and startups. 1st of 2 parts.

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Dangerous Dividends Flash Red Lights

Dangerous Dividends Flash Warning Signs

Dangerous Dividends Flash Warning Signs. Uses Renegade Energy as an example of a company with multiple indications of a high risk dividend. Investors must notice when dangerous dividends flash their warning signs! Dangerous dividends are ones that attract income seeking investors with high but unsustainable returns. Investors can avoid the disaster of losing both the dividend and equity by knowing the warning signs of dangerous dividends.

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