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Graphs tracking house construction, sales and renovations consistently give basic and reliable economic signals.

Know the trend for stock market direction

Part 4 of 4: White Top View, Market Direction series. Yesterday we began our discussion of five key stock market direction pointers. Today we conclude that discussion. Digging deeper into economic data can refine the results but there is little practical reason to do so. The basic approach works well. Trending up produces a rising stock market; tending down produces a falling stock market. When the trend is up, confidently take stock positions. Go long by buying shares. Purchase stocks that benefit most from economic growth. If the trend is down, get out of the market by selling stock positions and going to cash. Alternately in a down market, sell short to profit from falling stock prices.

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Jobs are at the core of any economic growth.

5 Stock market direction pointers

Part 3 of 4: White Top View, Market Direction series. Get a fast read on the most likely stock market direction. Some easy observations and a few simple questions can give you a reliable and useful indication of stock market direction. Among your contacts, neighbors, friends and family, observe and ask questions on the five following points: Careers advancing or are jobs being lost? People concerned or confident about employment? New cars being bought or old cars repaired? Houses being purchased and renovations made? More people upsizing or downsizing? You can spend weeks delving deeply into economic reports or listening to the droning and arguing of pundits, experts and politicians. Or use this simple alternative approach which works very well.

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Characteristics of successful investors

4 Traits of successful investors

Anyone can develop the 4 Traits of successful investors: they learn and know investing. They pay attention, use an investment plan, are prepared to decide and act quickly and proactively as needed. They know both investing and markets while remaining attentive to both their holdings and the markets. By paying attention and planning ahead, they can decide quickly and act promptly and proactively as needed. That dependably produces their superior returns while they build greater financial security. You can make the choice of becoming a superior investor.

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