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keys to the bank financial wizardry!

Keys To The Bank – A Great Invention

Keys to the bank – a great invention, discusses credit and banking magic as great human inventions and the essence of economic life and high living standards. The post explains the reserve banking system that multiplies money which lets banks extend credit that fuels modern economic growth.

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Investor asked about NYSE EURONET

A reader asked, “what’s NYSE EURONET?” This was a response to yesterday’s post. That post reported NYSE EURONET took control of the LIBOR rate in London from the British Bankers Association after exposure of corruption and rate favoritism during the 2008 financial crisis. NYSE EURONET is the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange […]

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Today we have a taper dance and balloons!

Pre-open the futures were negative with Asian markets down and Europe still falling so what is to happen? Oil down and expected to continue and gold down still so that makes it hard to see Canada’s market move up; we expect a down day. US Fed Chairman Ben’s taper talk scared some investors who are running from […]

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