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Investing confidence: calculator, pen and charts used to seek opportunity in market dip.

Investing confidence, taxes and learning the market

Investing confidence: At times choppy market behavior and volatility can worry a new investor. By watching three big factors economic growth, no tapering and no Fed tightening, investing looks good. Investors can be reassured and confident further gains are coming despite a dip due to tax loss selling and premature tapering talk.

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Will my money grow...or shrink?

3 Stock Market Guidelines replace endless reports

Part 1 of 4 in the White Top View, Market Direction series. The market has a predictive function, the trend is your friend, Up, go long, down go short or get out. Use those three stock market guidelines rather than endless expert reports. The market looks about 6 months ahead anticipating where the economy will be going during the next two quarters. Identify that trend, up or down and take positions that benefit from that direction. When the trend is up, play long. When the trend is down, play short or get out.

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