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About White Top Investor

About White Top Investor

Investing well makes your money work for you. Investing in Stock Markets can make our money grow to give you financial security and retirement independence.

Welcome to the About White Top Investor page. My name is Bryan Kelly, I created White Top to help anyone wanting to learn about investing with some basics and background.

White Top Investor gives you an easy, informative, accessible and comfortable way to learn about the stock markets and investing. This site gives you access to someone willing to share their extensive experience and knowledge of investing and how stock markets work.

Subscribe free to receive the White Top View blog in your inbox. I will do my best to offer you basic bite-sized lessons on investing and explanations of how stock markets work. Goals include providing objective information from an easily read, unbiased and independent source of comment, opinion and information about investing and stock markets.

All interested in learning or making positive contributions are welcome to use and take part in comments and discussions. I hope that sharing my knowledge and experience saves you the agony of costly mistakes and helps you grow and prosper. Tuition fees in the school of life and especially the stock market, are very high. Although, as I know, those lessons are unforgettable

Rather than learning that expensive hard way, learning before you try to earn provides a better way to approach investing and stock markets. Anyone capable of learning how to drive or cook and able to do basic grade 5 math, has the needed ability. With a little time and effort you can build your financial security and retirement independence by learning how to successfully invest and manage your portfolio.

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Bryan Kelly background

A little background about me will give you some insight and help you understand who I am. Happily married to my wonderful Barb, we have two lovely, smart, strong, independent daughters, Jen and Jill. Each now off building their own life and career.

My quick chronology, born in Los Angeles, raised in Edmonton, lived in Calgary and now south of Vancouver on the southwest coast of Canada for 28 years. I am an entrepreneur with deals done in Canada, US, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, the Caribbean and Japan. I have served as CEO of multiple ventures in an array of industries from small startups to well established businesses with multiple plants and international sales.

My expertise includes knowing what it takes to buy or start, finance, run, grow, merge, sell or liquidate a business. Years of hands on operating experience equips me well to effectively examine diverse investment and business opportunities.

As a Canadian with a passionate belief in capitalism and capital markets, I have over forty years of investing experience. I know both winning and losing and have learned much about successful investing, trading and speculating. At different times I have done all three.

I know the what and how of strategies that work as well as strategies that fail. I have played in multiple markets through many changing times. Experiencing both wonderful investing wins as well as awful financial disasters have been parts of my journey. I have invested, speculated and traded with both success and failure.

Teach me about investing

Knowledge, good judgement and a little help are keys to successful investing.

Knowledge, good judgement and a little help are keys to successful investing.

My daughter made a request that started this venture. “Teach me about investing, Pops” was the beginning of regular discussions about investing and how markets work. Once we began these discussions, she suggested recording and sharing the information.

That suggestion started White Top and the White Top View blog.

Learning to invest well is a huge challenge. Even those with financial knowledge can struggle to execute well. That applies to beginners as well as experienced business people and professionals alike. By sharing my decades of experience, I hope to help you confidently approach the market and successfully invest.

At times the stock markets and the world on investing can seem like strange, bizarre and very noisy places. A little experience and insight makes a huge positive difference. For any person interested, White Top offers access to stock market and investing knowledge and a bridge over many information gaps. I hope these contributions help you along the journey to becoming a more knowledgeable, informed and confident investor. With a little time and effort you learn how to build financial security and retirement independence by making good investment choices and decisions.

During my decades of active investing many people have asked me questions about stocks and markets. I readily share information and answer questions. Your questions and comments are welcome.

The White Top Name

When registering a name, I learned that many of my namesakes and variations were already established online. So on the spur of the moment I chose White Top after my head of white hair. Over a long career filled with pressure packed projects, I earned each one of them! At least for the time being, they continue to stay with me!

Please pay it forward, share White Top lessons

I hope White Top provides you with a comfortable way to develop a good understanding of investing and grow confident with your new knowledge. White Top is all about passing on many lessons learned. Please pass it on to anyone among your family and friends interested in learning about investing.

This is my give-back and thank you to a free society and capitalism. Many people generously helped me along the way so I ask you to accept but to also pass on those generous favors. Share White Top Investor with your family and friends.

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Subscription, advertising and affiliate programs

Learn how to properly ride the market. That can dramatically improve investment returns and grow your wealth.

Properly riding the market can dramatically improve investment returns and grow your wealth.

I willingly give time and make the effort to help you or anyone interested learn about the stock market and investing. The bills will get paid through a paid service section as well as advertising and affiliate marketing programs. The email, contact and subscriber lists are and will remain confidential and never shared or sold.

Important disclaimer

The opinions shared here are mine. I am happy to answer your questions and tell you what I think or to discuss investing with you. However, I do not give personal financial advice. I mention stocks from time to time, but do not routinely give stock picks.

Should you want advice for your particular situation, consult a qualified financial advisor or a certified financial planner. I am not a financial or investment advisor; opinions are for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended as investment advice. I do not want to do the work that those financial professionals do.

On my behalf and for accounts of my family, I do manage, invest and research investments, markets and opportunities. My opinions and information are readily shared and offered as my opinions and information but not offered as personal financial advice or recommendations.

The information on this site is not financial advice, not offered as financial advice and not for consideration as financial advice. I believe change is the only constant; this especially applies to financial markets. Thus things constantly change, including multiple factors affecting many, if not all investments and investing. The information here is subject to change at any time. The site may include incorrect or out of date information.

I make or give absolutely no guarantee or warranty of any sort that any information is either correct or complete. That applies to this website and any site that may link to it or any advertisement or promotion that appears on it.

Use White Top Investor completely and absolutely and solely at your own risk. Bryan Kelly will give no compensation in any form for any loss of any kind suffered as a result of information provided on or obtained from this site, blog or newsletter.

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