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White Top Investor Links Interesting And Useful Sites

White Top Investor Links

Links and connections from many sources help us learn to become better investors that can build greater prosperity, financial security and retirement independence.

The White Top Investor Links page lists links that I found interesting or useful for research of markets and investments.

Click on them to go to the linked site. The link list and page will change and grow. Please contact me if you want your site listed. This page will be perpetually under construction as I add and manage links. Come back often!

Also please let me know of any sites that you like or found useful for investment research. Please email me: My Twitter name @whitetopCEO.

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White Top contributed guest posts to the following sites:

Sharing guest blogs helps broaden my on-line experience. These White Top Investor Links connect to sites where White Top View posts or original post have appeared.

Manage Your Wealth financial clarity, period! Wealth professional network organization established by Steven Thode. Has posts by many wealth management professionals. Twitter name @ManageYurWealth

White Top Investor Links To Other Interesting Sites

New Initiatives Marketing – by Jennifer Kelly, marketing execution specialist. Projects focus on implementing marketing plans to bring them to life and produce results.

Blogsite Studio – by Mari Kane. Works with the WordPress Content Management System. Designs beautiful, functional websites that bloggers can update themselves. Twitter name @blogsitestudio

Links Promised

Uncle Stock Screener by Peter Ness. Uncle Stock is a software service built and operated by Peter Nees. Uncle Stock is a stock screener and calculator of financial parameters, ratios and score systems. Twitter name @UncleStock

Frugal Rules John, a veteran of the financial services industry. Learned the hard way how to invest, save, and manage money. Twitter name @FrugalRules

Financial Planning

Spring Personal Finance – by Sandy Martin. Reliable personal finance and planning advice from a fee-only planner. Twitter name @SandiMartinSPF

White Top Investor Links For Investment Research

These White Top Investor Links connect to useful investment research sites. My favorite and most used is Taking advantage of the powerful Google search algorithms quickly brings you to the answers for most investment research questions. Other very useful site and services include:

Investopedia – Educating the world about finance. Very useful site to learn about and check the definition for investment terms.

Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia – use this open information system with caution. It has much useful information and many references useful when researching.

Stock Market Terminology is a glossary of stock market terms and basic concepts created by Lisa Martin of Wise Stock Buyer.

Canadian Company And Fund Filings – SEDAR

Access Canadian public company and investment fund documents through the Canadian Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval or SEDAR. Links below provide access to most public securities documents and information filed by public companies and investment funds with the thirteen Canadian provincial and territorial securities regulatory authorities.

Click here for the full SEDAR site

Click here to search SEDAR for public company documents

Click here to search SEDAR for investment fund documents

U.S. Filing Information – EDGAR

Access documents of all  foreign and domestic companies filed through U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission system, EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, through these links

Click here for the EDGAR home page

Click here to search company records

Canadian Investing Information Web Sites

The Bank of Canada bond yield database

Historical stock charts

Google Finance

Globe and Mail, Globe Investor


The Money Sense list of fee-only financial planners

Links useful for checking out financial sales reps

Canadian Registration check

Click this link: Canadian Securities Administrators National Registration Search

Enter the name of the sales rep, take any “no records” return to mean scam.

American Registration check

Use the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority site link: FINRA BrokerCheck

Enter the name of the sales rep, take any “no results” return to mean scam.

Canadian Personal Finance and Investment Blogs

The list has a cross-section of sites I find interesting. I agree with many points of view and points made by these writers. But not all. Providing a link does not mean I endorse the presented point of view.

boomer & echo Financial freedom at any age!

Canadian Couch Potato Your complete guide to index investing

Canadian Dream Free at 45 blog about early retirement and happiness

Canadian Personal Finance essays, stories, case studies and how to articles.

Michael James on Money A quest for smarter saving, spending, and investing.

Million Dollar Journey Building wealth through saving and investing

My Own Advisor Saving and investing my way to financial freedom

Retire Happy by Jim Yih, make retirement the best years of your life. Twitter name @jimyih

Spring Personal Finance Financial planning for regular people

The Blunt Bean Counter Canadian tax blog

Young and Thrifty Generation Y Saving

The Passive Income Earner Building wealth through dividend investing

Modest Money Take control of your personal finances

Outstanding financial blogs

Abnormal Returns by Tadas Viskanta.  A wide-ranging forecast free financial blog

The Reformed Broker by Joshua Brown. A blog about financial markets and the economy

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