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Exorcising Another High Frequency Trading Devil

Exorcising Another High Frequency Trading Devil

Exorcising Another High Frequency Trading Devil. Greedy manipulators use phantom arguments saying your investments benefit from high frequency trading. Anyone saying you or your investments benefit from high frequency trading is pitching toxic investment snake oil. Statements plotting to convince you being a victim has benefits are nonsense. Investor portfolios get picked as the source of the billions this unfair market rigging delivers to predators.

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Market babel supports high frequency trading

Market Babel And High Frequency Trading

Market babel and high frequency trading uses noise and confusion to mislead and create a false reality. While telling investors the benefits of pickpockets. Rather than serving the best interest of investors, U.S. stock market controllers, facilitators and intermediaries conspire to pick their pockets. Then they have the audacity to speak babel telling you that it is all good for you. They claim you could not have the benefits of a robust market without them getting rich feeding on your assets!

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Catherine Murray BNN Anchor

High Frequency Trading’s Brad Katsuyama Interviewed by Catherine Murray

High Frequency Trading Guru Brad Katsuyama Interviewed by Catherine Murray of BNN following the stir caused by a new book by Michael Louis, Flash Boys. Exposing high frequency trading and the dramatic impact that intermediaries now have on markets, investing, investors including your retirement!

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Woman looking and pointing up and asks, "High frequency trading does what for me...or should I ask, does what to me?"

High Frequency Trading and You

High Frequency Trading, HFT a stock exchange rescue strategy of hyper-computer, communication and algorithms producing incredible consequences. A basic strategy erupted into a hyper-technology monster episode now producing incredible consequences.

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Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes

Exposed! Market Rigging and High Frequency Trading

Market Rigging and High Frequency Trading covered in 60 Minutes TV video presentation and in Flash Boys, a new book by Michael Louis.
Canadian Trader Uncovers Market Rigging, clearly explains the issue of high frequency trading. The market rigging story all came to light because Brad Katsuyama, a Canadian trader at the Royal Bank of Canada, realized that something had changed in the trading market. He put in the time and resources to precisely identify the details and issues. Any investor must see this video.

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Markets go up most of the time

Optimism and Unrealistic Minds of Investors

Optimism and unrealistic minds of investors discusses the need for a realistic, knowledgeable outlook. Personal finance and investing basics includes knowing that unfounded optimism and unrealistic attitudes can produce huge losses. This post continues the White Top View Series, Mind Game discussing emotions and psychological aspects of investing.

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Reaction to headlines can hurt investors

Headline news warnings and stock market risks explained

Headline news warnings and stock market risks explained as possible market overreactions. Reactive trading and emotions can drive market action. At such times, turmoil, not smart investing decisions, drive markets. To avoid being spooked, and trading with your emotions, inform yourself, do your homework and take the long view.

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4 Key economic indicators stack up

4 Key market indicators cut the noise

Key market indicators for anyone interested in stock market direction are reports of house prices, auto sales, employment and the FED fund rate. Together, these indicators reliably point to the stock market direction. They are dependable indicators on the collective economic activity of the population. Stock market direction consistently follows the direction of the general economy.

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