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Investor you can't have this high frequency trading benefit!

Investor You Can’t Have This High Frequency Trading Benefit!

Investor you can’t have this high frequency trading benefit! Incredibly, high frequency traders help narrow price spreads and stop you from benefitting! In fact high frequency trading actively serves as an impenetrable barrier that stops investors from benefitting from narrowed price spreads. This is yet one more high frequency trading ‘benefit’ that you can’t have! Incredibly, high frequency traders are both the cause and effect!

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Market babel supports high frequency trading

Market Babel And High Frequency Trading

Market babel and high frequency trading uses noise and confusion to mislead and create a false reality. While telling investors the benefits of pickpockets. Rather than serving the best interest of investors, U.S. stock market controllers, facilitators and intermediaries conspire to pick their pockets. Then they have the audacity to speak babel telling you that it is all good for you. They claim you could not have the benefits of a robust market without them getting rich feeding on your assets!

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