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Long or short markets can make money

Short selling improves stock markets 7 ways

Part 9 of 12 part Short Story on Short Selling series. Part 9 discusses how short selling improves stock markets. Included are 7 ways: Liquidity Increased, Price Discovery Improved, Increases Market Activity, Forces Management Accountability, Prioritizes Corporate Issues, Expresses Contrarian Views, Produces Unique Analytics. It is an important part of the overall investing scene. Short selling brings benefits that help create a healthy and efficient stock market. That benefits all investors, short or long as well as the economy.

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Auto sales matter to the economy

Autos, jobs and the FED

Autos, jobs and the FED Part 2 of 2 in the White Top View series: Key Market Indicators. Part 1, 4 Signals cut through stock market noise introduced these key market indicators. This time auto sales, employment and the Fed or U.S. Federal Reserve funds rate are discussed.

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