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Explain selling stock short

Novice investor asks, “Explain selling stock short”

Part 9 of 12 part Short Story on Short Selling series. Short trades profit when stock prices fall Selling short is a type of stock trading and the opposite of an investor buying long. Rather than the usual buy low, sell high, short sellers do the reverse and sell high, buy low.

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small investor advantages

6 Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows

Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows. Warren Buffett tells us that small investors have a growth advantage over huge investment accounts. This post discusses how that can be. When you or Warren Buffett are considering an investment opportunity, the opportunity must have the potential to make a difference to your portfolio. The advantages include, 1. Returns make a big difference, 2. Oh yes! Size matters! 3. Faster growth numbers, 4. Liquidity advantage, 5. Playing the pecking order, 6.New listings and startups. 1st of 2 parts.

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Investor asked about NYSE EURONET

A reader asked, “what’s NYSE EURONET?” This was a response to yesterday’s post. That post reported NYSE EURONET took control of the LIBOR rate in London from the British Bankers Association after exposure of corruption and rate favoritism during the 2008 financial crisis. NYSE EURONET is the company that owns the New York Stock Exchange […]

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Interesting, everybody is interested in interest

Anyone interested in money will have an interest in these developments. The LIBOR rate, the London Interbank Offered Rate or overnight interest rate ‘estimated’ by leading London banks is under new control. LIBOR affects our lives in many ways This key benchmark borrowing rate forms the cost base for many loan transactions around the world. […]

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