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6 Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows

Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows. Warren Buffett tells us that small investors have a growth advantage over huge investment accounts. This post discusses how that can be. When you or Warren Buffett are considering an investment opportunity, the opportunity must have the potential to make a difference to your portfolio. The advantages include, 1. Returns make a big difference, 2. Oh yes! Size matters! 3. Faster growth numbers, 4. Liquidity advantage, 5. Playing the pecking order, 6.New listings and startups. 1st of 2 parts.

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Warren Buffett explains gold's investment value

Warren Buffett explains the investment value of gold

Warren Buffett explains the investment value of gold. Warren Buffett explains his view of gold in a 2011 letter to shareholders. He makes the point that buying productive assets is an essential for investing success. Gold produces nothing. Good investments grow; they produce. We need to plant good investment seeds in our portfolio. Those are our well researched positions. Then we carefully attend to our portfolio to see it grow.

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