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White Top View blog posts Organized by Subject

White Top View blog posts by Subject Classification

Easily see all White Top View blog posts, in any subject classification. Just click on any subject name to show all posts in that classification.

White Top View blog posts organized by Subject. Click any classification to show all White Top View blog posts on that topic, in reverse chronological order.

Investing lessons as bite-sized blog posts are the heart of White Top Investor. All lists are in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom. Click any link to go to any page, post or series of posts.

Click for the Start Here page. The Start Here page explains the layout and organization of the White Top Investor website.

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Scroll Down for the White Top View organized by subject classification. Posts group into three broad Subject Classifications:

1. Basics: posts on investing basics 

2. Strategy: posts discussing an aspect of investing strategy

3. Research: topics covered include research topics, techniques and sources

Scroll below to see all subject classification groups for all White Top view blog posts.

Click on any subject classification to see all posts in that topic group. 

Basics include a. Individual Topics and b. A Series of posts.

Series a single topic discussed in include multiple related posts.

Basic Numbers – basic introduction to financial statements

Basic Time – the time commitment and choices facing investors

High Frequency Trading – market rigging by technology insiders

Investment Choice – basic survey of many investment choices

Key Market Indicators – 4 key market indicators covered

Mind Games – emotional and psychological aspects of investing

Playing Market Odds – 

Portfolio Counts and Sizes – introductory portfolio management – number and size of holdings

Pyramid Portfolio – 

Scam Defense – how investors can defend against stock scams

Short Story on Short Selling – explains the effects and process of short selling

Small Investor Advantages – 

Smart Diversification – 

Stock Markets – overview of American and Canadian stock markets

Wealth Building – basic steps to wealth building 

Strategy Topics  subdivided into the following topic groups

Averaging Down – 

Contrarian – pending

Portfolio Management – includes the following topics

Diversification –

Number of Holdings – 

Position Size – 

Pyramid Building – 

Build pyramids retirement wealth

Investors can build financial security and retirement independence with pyramid portfolios.

Re-balancing – 

Review – 


Growth – 

HFT – high frequency trading strategy

Income – 

Long – pending

Short – 

Options –  pending

RESP – pending

Speculating – 

Technology – pending

TFSA – pending

Trading – 



Research Topics subdivided into the following topic groups

Analysis – includes the following topics

Analysts Reports – 

Annual Reports –

Conference Calls – 

ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds

Fundamental Analysis – pending 

House sale trends long term matter and are a good economic indicator!

House sale trends long-term matter and are a good economic indicator!


Mutual Fund – 

Real Estate – 

Resource Stocks

Technical Analysis

Central Banks – includes the following

Bank of Canada – pending

Bank of England – pending

Bank of Japan – pending

Federal Reserve Bank

European Central Bank – pending 

Countries/Regions – includes the following

Asia –

Canada –

Europe – 

Japan – 

U.S.A. – 

Economy – includes the following

Auto Sales – 

Debt – 

Employment – 

Jobs are at the core of any economic growth.

Jobs are at the core of any economic growth.

House Sales – 


BNN – pending

CBC – 

CBS – pending

Equities – 

Markets – 

Bonds – 

Commodities – 


Foreign Exchange FX

Money Market

NYSE Euronet


OTC – Over The Counter

Stocks or Equities

People of Influence – 

Computer image of Aristotele generated by Kolja Mendler

Computer image of Aristotele generated by Kolja Mendler

Aristotle – named in posts

Ben Bernanke – named in posts

Warren Buffett – named in posts 

Mark Carney – named in posts

Winston Churchill – named in posts

Albert Einstein – named in posts

Benjamin Graham – named in posts

Alan Greenspan – named in posts

Denise Shull – named in posts

Erica Johnson – named in posts

Brad Katsuyama – named in posts

Steve Kroft – named in posts

Haruhiko Kuroda – named in posts

Michael Lewis – named in posts

Nelson Mandela – named in posts

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

Catherine Murray – named in posts

Barack Obama – named in posts

John Steinbeck – named in posts

Oprah Winfrey – named in posts

Janet Yellen – named in posts

Blog – All White Top View blog posts in reverse chronological order

Images courtesy:, Kolja Mendler and the United Kingdom Government.

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