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Start Here The White Top Investor Cornerstone Page

Cornerstone of financial security

Learn about personal financial management and investing to build your financial security and retirement independence.

“Start Here”, the White Top Investor Cornerstone Page,
links to all parts of the White Top Investor website

Think of this Start Here page as a digital table of contents, central hub or cornerstone of the White Top Investor website. This page has explanation of all the features and links to all parts, pages, posts and lessons. As such, this page will be under continuous construction as the blog and site changes and grows.

We want your continuous change, growth and development, as an investor building financial security, to show up in your portfolio. The continuous change of the under construction White Top Investor, will show on this page!

Easily link to any page. How links work: put your cursor on any color changed text, when and if an underline shows, you can click that link to see the page or post.

White Top Investor Uses Breadcrumb Tracking

Breadcrumbs, named after the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale in which children dropped a breadcrumb trail to get back home, help you understand and navigate this website. Breadcrumbs are the text you see at the head of the page, immediately below the menu choices extending across the top of each page.

Here are the breadcrumbs for this page:
“You are here:
 Home > Start Here The White Top Investor Cornerstone Page”

By clicking on the breadcrumb trail, you easily navigate back to that page. We make no record of your track; this feature is strictly for your use and convenience.

Menu Layout

The main menu extends across the top of each page immediately under the heading banner. Click on any item to go to that page.

Main menu choices include:
HomeAboutStart HereBlogBasicsStrategyResearch – PodcastsLinks(Downloads pending) (Contact Us pending).

Child, Sub or Subordinate Pages

Multiple main menu choices have subordinate pages. This helps you find deeper links and information. You can “drill down” in multiple topics to more deeply explore a subject. Moving your cursor to any main menu choice displays any child or sub-page. For example, the Start Here page has Blog Post Classifications as a child or sub-page and the Links page has Publications as a subordinate page.

Click the links to go to any page, blog post or series of posts

Home page – welcomes visitors and introduces White Top Investor

The biggest financial payoff you can build.

Your biggest possible payoff in a lifetime of work comes from investing well. Learn personal finance and investing to build financial security and retirement independence.

About page – gives the background of White Top and Bryan Kelly

Start Here page – this is the page you now on that explains and links to all other pages and blog posts.

Blog Post Classifications – using these subject classifications you can deeply explore any investing topic discussed in the blog.

This is a sub-page, child or subordinate page of the parent Start Here page. This child page lists and organizes all blog posts by all subject classifications. Clicking on any classification link shows all posts discussing or linked to that classification.

Podcasts – podcast audio bar lets you listen to blog posts and lists the blog posts with embedded podcasts.

Links  – Other websites you may find interesting and useful

Publication Links – Articles about or using White Top View blog

Included are:

Articles about White Top Investor or Bryan Kelly and

Online publications or e-zines using White Top View blog posts

Blog – White Top View blog posts in reverse chronological order

Blog posts organized by subject classification: this full subject list lets you find any post on any subject discussed

Blog posts are the heart of White Top Investor basic bite-sized investing lessons. Blog posts are broadly classified into three large groups: 1. Basics, 2. Strategy and 3. Research. By default all blog posts list in reverse chronological order. The most recent post appears at the top and oldest at the bottom. Click links to go to any page, post or series.

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