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Sort Through The Stock Markets of USA and Canada

Sort through the stock markets of USA and Canada

Over a cup of coffee and with a little homework investors can sort through the stock markets of USA and Canada.

Sorting the Stock Markets

Sort through the stock markets of USA and Canada is Part 1 of the White Top View Series, Stock Markets that looks at the stock markets novice investors need to know about in America and Canada. At first look, finding and picking investments from among the thousands of stocks, can seem daunting.  The challenge becomes manageable by first learning which markets to consider. As important, we need to decide which markets we want to avoid. And we need to know why.

Links to all parts of the White Top View Series, Stock Markets are at the end of this post.

Sorting the markets

Sort through stock markets to learn the best places to invest

Look for winning investments on the best stock markets.

  1. Look for investments among quality companies

  2. Look for quality companies on the better stock exchanges

  3. Avoid stock markets without reporting requirements

  4. No financial reports = no investment – ever!

The sorting process becomes much easier when you know where the best quality companies list and trade. Only invest in companies listed on those markets. That will keep you away from most scams and bad companies.

Capital Markets Over 400 years

The history of the world changed in 1602. That was when East India Company established the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the oldest anywhere. That started the long progression leading to today’s capital markets.

North American capital markets began 190 years later in 1792 in the Big Apple, New York. Investors established the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange. The so-called big board grew up with American industry. It listed and still lists the giants of the industrial world. It grew to become the biggest stock exchange anywhere. Today, it continues to dominate North America and leads the markets of the world.

Over time, economies, technologies and services all progressed well beyond the original base of mighty industrial companies. Now a broad spectrum of the largest players of all types and every sector from around the world list on the NYSE.

Second largest in North America is the NASDAQ or National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. Established in 1971 as an electronic trading network between securities dealers. Also headquartered in New York, the NASDAQ network spans America. Originally seen as the second tier that listed companies that had not reached the colossal size needed to get on the big board.

As a business strategy, NASDAQ focused on attracting the technology companies as the information and digital age evolved. That excellent strategy succeeded in making NASDAQ the listing home for large technology companies of every type and sector. Although there are many other companies there, the success with technology listings gets it called the technology exchange.

There are many other exchanges in the USA. They run the spectrum from good quality to scammy swamp scum. In the White Top View Series, Stock Markets we will swing by them all!

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