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Retirement saving dangers

Retirement saving dangers

Homework will help you avoid retirement saving dangers.

Are you a sheep ready for your
annual financial shearing?

Retirement saving dangers lurk in the financial industry annual retirement savings campaigns. The great annual rite of investor shearing has begun. Once our New Year celebrations pass each year, the financial industry begins their annual bombardment of retirement savings ads.

Financial marketing blasts at full volume to call you to the shearing shed for your spring clip. The financial industry lust for your retirement savings seems to know no bounds.

Print, broadcast and online, no venue escapes the all-encompassing campaigns. The best marketing that money can buy, spent in great amounts, all to convince you to bring in your retirement savings.

Excellent financial industry results

The financial industry retirement savings campaigns seem to produce excellent results! Each year their harvest of deposits produces billions more! Reports from a cross-section of financial industry players shows the huge amounts of money gathered.

This approach certainly works to generate billions for the financial industry. At least, it works for them. Year after year, their very fat bottom lines run to the multiple billions. That all seems so normal as returns generated grow from an ocean of money.

How’s the annual financial shearing working for you?

On the other hand, how are you doing? Your returns are not so stellar. At least compared to the financial industry returns. You get nowhere near what the industry makes. This is a very nice arrangement, for them.

And, all based on your money! So just how is that working for you? Is this in your best interest? What are your choices?

You can choose to avoid being among the sheep clipped in this annual financial industry shearing ritual. If you are in the flock now heading for the shearing shed, you need to act fast.

As we discussed in Investor, make your retirement deposit and WAIT! Do make your retirement saving deposit. But be sure you can hold it in cash and redirect it as you wish later.

That will get you the tax deduction. As importantly, it gives you time to do your homework. Doing financial or investing homework pays you better than any other use of your time. And it could pay off in a lifetime of better returns.

You can do it. Doing so puts considerably more retirement money into your pocket. For some that making such a change is the difference between being concerned about finances and being financially comfortable during your retirement.

Researching and making some basic financial changes may have a very positive effect on your financial future. You can learn about your alternatives and how to take advantage of these opportunities with a little effort.

Mutual funds can take from your future in multiple ways

Researching retirement saving dangers

Researching retirement saving dangers

1. excessive fees

2. obscured charges

3. buried costs

4. hobbled compounding

In my opinion the biggest reason not to own mutual are the excessive fees. You can avoid these fees and get the same gross returns at much below these outrageous costs.

By avoiding the high fees your returns can grow as much as 50% higher. Any higher returns achieved go directly into your own retirement pocket. Compounding higher returns has a very dramatic and positive effect that makes your money work harder for you.

Explore the ETF world

Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs offer you a good way to avoid many retirement saving dangers. ETFs offer everything mutual funds offer. And usually at a small fraction of the cost of a mutual fund. By using an ETF with the same investment exposure as a mutual fund, you can dramatically improve your net investment return.

It gets better. The huge difference that helps you the most comes in the future. You will benefit from compounding those differences into ever higher net returns. We will explore and explain this and multiple other aspects of mutual funds and ETF in our discussions. For now, to keep this post to a bite-sized lesson, we pause the discussion here.

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