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Investor make your retirement deposit and WAIT!

your retirement deposit

Stop – Make Your Retirement Deposit and Wait!

Don’t be rushed into a tax deduction

Investor make your retirement deposit and WAIT! When making your retirement savings deposit, planning can put thousands of dollars into your pocket. Deposit to get a tax deduction then research your many investment alternatives. This is especially for any investor not certain of the best way to invest retirement savings.

Two steps can put thousands of dollars into your pockets

You need a plan. Here is a simple one. Before you commit to making a specific retirement investment, consider taking this two-step approach. It could put many thousands of retirement dollars into your pocket.

1. Deposit – get your tax deduction and saving

2. Research – find your best low-cost investment

Your retirement deposit triggers the tax deduction

Your retirement deposit accomplishes two things. A deposit made in a tax-deductible account before the tax deadline, gets the tax deduction. Second, you want time to learn about your investing options. You also need time to think.

Thinking and researching offer very big payoffs

Financial decisions have a huge impact on your retirement savings and future quality of life. You need time to research, to learn and to think. Then you can make the best decision for you. That lets you do what is in your own best interest.

Accomplish the first step by simply depositing the cash in a tax-deductible account. Before making the deposit, make certain you can direct or redirect the money, at any time, into any investment that you want. In the meantime, you want your deposit held as cash.

Why wait to get the money to work?

After your retirement deposit, where should retirement funds go?

Where should retirement funds go?

Many salesmen eagerly wait for the opportunity to increase their bonus. To get it they need to get their hands on your money. That certainly can put your money to work. That works for them but you should consider several options.

If you are thinking of investing in mutual funds you need to do some homework. There are far less expensive ways to earn the same or better returns. The differences go into your pocket.

By getting the same investment performance at lower costs those differences can add up to many thousands of dollars. For a little effort, you can consider several ways to significantly increase your retirement savings. Following the, investor make your retirement deposit and WAIT, approach can start you on the way to a more financially secure retirement.

It can mean the difference between a comfortable secure retirement and one under a financial cloud. We will continue our discussion of what to do with your retirement deposit in the next White Top View post.

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