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High Frequency Trading’s Brad Katsuyama Interviewed by Catherine Murray

Catherine Murray BNN Anchor

Catherine Murray BNN Anchor interviews Brad Katsuyama about high frequency trading.

High Frequency Trading’s Brad Katsuyama Interviewed by Catherine Murray

Catherine Murray of Canada’s Business News Network (BNN) interviews Brad Katsuyama on high frequency trading. This as a followup to the stir caused by the release of a new book by Michael LouisFlash Boys. The book follows the very skilful work, keen mind and imagination of Brad Katsuyama needed to expose high frequency trading and the dramatic impact that intermediaries now have on markets, investing, investors and your retirement!

The release of the book got an immediate and strong response from many inside the stock market game. Many of these market players made dismissive, defensive and negative comments! One suspects the keepers are protecting their golden goose as the game gets exposed!

The two-part interview, available at the links below, help us better understand the massive impact of the ongoing technology phenomenon, high frequency trading. This blog post continues the White Top View Series, High Frequency Trading. The series began with, Exposed! Market Rigging and High Frequency Trading. That post links to the CBS News program, 60 Minutes segment credited with putting the high frequency trading issue on the public agenda. Links to the all parts of the White Top View Series, High Frequency Trading are at the end of this post.

High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading impacts you and the largest investment funds in the world! All investors are getting clipped by this now routine market rigging activity. Just how that happens is well explained in the interviews by experienced BNN star anchor, Catherine Murray. This skilled interviewer, a leading business journalist, displays depth, knowledge and experience in this excellent two-part interview.

In the interview, Brad Katsuyama, the bright Canadian trader at the center of the high frequency trading issue now rocking markets, explains how he discovered and exposed the market rigging. After becoming aware something had changed in market behavior, he thoroughly investigated. He learned ways high frequency trading algorithms game market with their owners in active collusion with stock exchanges.

For his part, the clearly very bright and very Canadian nice, Brad Katsuyama, does a great job of explaining high frequency trading and the impact that has on markets and you. With over 13 years experience in securities trading, when he was Head of Trading at RBC Capital Markets. He was in a unique position and had control of the substantial resources needed to explore the issue in-depth.

Brad Katsuyama certainly dug out very well hidden answers and facts in an extremely difficult secretive environment. He produced great detective work! By conceiving. investigating, directing and testing some great very complex ideas and evidence he produced shocking findings. His persistence, determination and basic decency demands the respect of all investors. At the very least this master of markets seeks improvement and a better trading environment for all investors and that benefits the entire economy.

Ultimately he went well beyond understanding and explaining high frequency trading. He developed a plan to counter the market rigging of high frequency trading. Then he took action. He put together an entirely new stock exchange that accomplished what no other exchange has ever done! Brad Katsuyama’s IEX Group Inc. offers exchange services that level the trading playing field! Amazing, a fair market! Click the links below and watch the interviews.

High Frequency Trading’s Brad Katsuyama Interviewed by Catherine Murray

Brad Katsuyama at NYSE explaining the effects of high frequency trading.

Brad Katsuyama explains high frequency trading.

Catherine Murray interview of Brad Katsuyama Part I

Flash Boys: Is the market rigged? Part II 

About BNN

Business News Network is Canada’s only all business and financial news channel

About Catherine Murray

From the BNN website: “Catherine Murray joined the BNN team in August, 2011. Most recently, Murray was the Managing Director and the head of Institutional Equities of North South Capital, which she co-founded in 2009. Prior to this, Murray was Vice-President of Institutional Sales and Trading at Deutsche Bank, and an associate at Goldman Sachs for Institutional Sales and Trading.”

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Images and videos courtesy BNN and CBC

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