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Woman looking and pointing up and asks, "High frequency trading does what for me...or should I ask, does what to me?"

High Frequency Trading and You

High Frequency Trading, HFT a stock exchange rescue strategy of hyper-computer, communication and algorithms producing incredible consequences. A basic strategy erupted into a hyper-technology monster episode now producing incredible consequences.

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Options can quickly go sideways or turn against you.

If you must look at Options

If you must look at options, begin by reading, Options for Dummies by George A. Fontanills. This low cost and readily available introductory book gives good basic coverage of the options spectrum. It serves as a good reference to keep on hand.
Last discussion I made it clear that option trades have no place in a beginner’s portfolio. It is good to be aware of them and to learn about them. Only consider using options after you become a knowledgeable and experienced investor.

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Options expire...understand before using.

Are options an option?

NO options nohow – danger for new investors! Options have no place in the portfolio of anyone new to investing. You must master investing basics before you consider looking at or using any derivative. Options are a type of derivative. Derivatives are financial creations “derived” or based on a real asset. They are bets on a future price for the underlying asset. Extreme losses can be quickly realised when you get ahead of yourself while learning to invest. Getting into derivatives too soon can be a danger to your wealth.

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Stock market volatility can startle new investors

Benjamin Graham and a market myth

Benjamin Graham and a market myth: voting emotions or weighing facts plus discussion of the myth that small investor behavior causes market panics. Stock market volatility can startle investors and cause fear. However the ‘Small investor behavior causes market panics’, is self-righteous, self-serving nonsense promoted by some stock market professionals. When you know and understand the stock market, you can confidently watch markets without worry.

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