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It’s Complicated – speculating for big returns…

Songstress Avril Lavigne wasn’t singing about investing but she’s right, “It’s Complicated”. Yesterday we covered the bottom line; there has to be profit on the bottom line before we accept a company as a possible investment. Today we discuss a very different story, speculation. Speculation means accepting big risk pursuing fast and spectacular returns Unlike […]

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3 Approaches all about making money

Investing, trading and speculating are all ways to produce stock market gains. They can all make money which is the only reason to get into any equity market. There are an infinite number of variations of these three basic approaches that can be used to make money. These approaches offer a huge range of possibilities […]

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No to Blackberry and three stock picks

Last day of the first half or end of the second quarter on the eve of Canada’s long weekend for Canada Day. Normally a quiet day. But today there will be Blackberry excitement as they sharply missed expectations. I have long thought this technically excellent company missed the boat. Shares are trading down 23% premarket. […]

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Feeling ready to seize the day or cover your butt?!

If the market’s behavior makes you consider doing both…well let’s see you go about your business in that position…:-) Corrections happen and this has been one. They are a normal part of the market. So unless we see reason to change course, and so far I do not, stay the course with good quality holdings. […]

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