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Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes

Exposed! Market Rigging and High Frequency Trading

Market Rigging and High Frequency Trading covered in 60 Minutes TV video presentation and in Flash Boys, a new book by Michael Louis.
Canadian Trader Uncovers Market Rigging, clearly explains the issue of high frequency trading. The market rigging story all came to light because Brad Katsuyama, a Canadian trader at the Royal Bank of Canada, realized that something had changed in the trading market. He put in the time and resources to precisely identify the details and issues. Any investor must see this video.

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Eliminate bad debt, high cost money such as credit card debt

5 Key Personal Finance Checks

5 Key Personal Finance Checks, eliminate bad debt, keep only reasonable debt on appreciating assets, 6 month emergency fund, pay yourself 10% of paycheck. Anyone seeking financial security, independence or wanting to control of their future needs to have their financial house in order. Start where you are and set about making sure you are ready to build your future prosperity. The 5 Key Personal Finance Checks serve as a starting point. Right now, today, is the very best time to start.

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Psychological Isolation

Muddled Minds Harm Investors

Muddled minds harm investors so we need awareness of the psychological effects of isolation and confused thinking. This discussion continues the 10 Paralyzing Mental Blocks of Investors introduced in the last post. Isolation and confusion can quickly produce confused thinking and mentally block an investor from making the right decisions. Part 6 of the White Top View Series, Mind Game discussing emotions and psychological aspects of investing.

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Markets go up most of the time

Optimism and Unrealistic Minds of Investors

Optimism and unrealistic minds of investors discusses the need for a realistic, knowledgeable outlook. Personal finance and investing basics includes knowing that unfounded optimism and unrealistic attitudes can produce huge losses. This post continues the White Top View Series, Mind Game discussing emotions and psychological aspects of investing.

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businessman celebrating investing success possible from learning how to properly play the investing mind game

Attached Stubborn and Helpless Investor

The attached stubborn and helpless investor continues the discussion of the 10 Paralyzing Mental Blocks of Investors introduced in the last post. This post discusses the challenges of attachment, stubbornness and helplessness that can mentally block an investor. Part 4 of the White Top View Series, Mind Game discussing emotions and psychological aspects of investing.

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Erica Johnson CBC Marketplace

Financial Advisor Incompetence Exposed

Financial advisor incompetence exposed in a CBC hidden camera video documents financial advisor incompetence. Show Me The Money ran February 28, 2014, as part of the Marketplace broadcast. Marketplace is a consumer information show broadcast on CBC TV in Canada.

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Mutual fund investor have a look at ETFs

Mutual Fund Investor Look At ETFs

Mutual fund investor look at ETFs. Any financial advisor that puts your capital into a mutual fund has turned the tables on you. Your capital now works for them! At no risk! If your financial advisor puts you into mutual funds, your account needs review . Your capital delivers a no risk and constant return…to them! What about you? You, however, get the leftovers. Market movement up or down does not matter to their return. They get their return, every year. From you. No matter what the market does, each year they take a nice slice of your account. You put up the capital, take the risk, but get only the leftovers. Should it be the other way around? Should they be working for you?

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Retirement saving dangers

Retirement saving dangers

Retirement saving dangers. Retirement saving dangers lurk in the financial industry annual retirement savings campaigns. The great annual rite of investor shearing has begun. Once our New Year celebrations pass each year, the financial industry begins their annual bombardment of retirement savings ads. Financial marketing blasts at full volume to summon you to the shearing shed for your spring clip. The financial industry lust for your retirement savings seems to know no bounds.

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your retirement deposit

Investor make your retirement deposit and WAIT!

Investor make your retirement deposit and WAIT! Don’t be rushed into a tax deduction. When making your retirement deposit, plan to put thousands more into your pocket by depositing to get a tax deduction then researching investment alternatives. For investors not certain of the best way to use savings needs a plan. Before you commit to making a specific retirement investment, consider taking a two step approach. It could put thousands in your pocket. 1. Deposit – get your tax deduction and saving 2. Research – find your best low cost investment Deposits trigger tax deductions

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Shorting needs considerable knowledge

Shorting stocks is hard

Part 12 of 12 part Short Story on Short Selling series. Shorting stocks is hard. Discusses the psychology, the hard, demanding, taxing play and the three best short characteristics. Last of the White Top Investor twelve part series on selling short. Knowing of this one especially challenging aspect of the stock market helps new and experienced investors reach a better level of understanding markets. Although shorting stocks is hard, and not for beginners, for their benefit and to best understand the market, they must be aware of it.

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