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Auto sales matter to the economy

Autos, jobs and the FED

Autos, jobs and the FED Part 2 of 2 in the White Top View series: Key Market Indicators. Part 1, 4 Signals cut through stock market noise introduced these key market indicators. This time auto sales, employment and the Fed or U.S. Federal Reserve funds rate are discussed.

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4 Key economic indicators stack up

4 Key market indicators cut the noise

Key market indicators for anyone interested in stock market direction are reports of house prices, auto sales, employment and the FED fund rate. Together, these indicators reliably point to the stock market direction. They are dependable indicators on the collective economic activity of the population. Stock market direction consistently follows the direction of the general economy.

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keys to the bank financial wizardry!

Keys To The Bank – A Great Invention

Keys to the bank – a great invention, discusses credit and banking magic as great human inventions and the essence of economic life and high living standards. The post explains the reserve banking system that multiplies money which lets banks extend credit that fuels modern economic growth.

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