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Investors seek yes three times or say no

3 Times yes or investors say no

3 Times yes or investors say no! The economy, market and company must all say yes or we answer no! White Top View series: Playing Market Odds, discusses how superior investors play market odds and avoid common investment errors. This Part 3 of the series, covers how superior investors wait for three positive signals before investing. Before investing we research the facts on the economy as well as the market and company. The economy, market and the company information must all give positive signals or we say no to investing.

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Small investor advantages include liquidity, stock picking and new investment opportunities

3 More Small Investor Advantages

3 more small investor advantages, part 2 of the Small Investor Advantage series. Advantages include the edge in liquidity, playing the stock market pecking order and new investment opportunities, all unavailable to large accounts. Investors can play the smaller end of the market for big profits. Be aware, those big profits get earned by taking risks. Unless you know what you are doing, stay away! The payoff is big for investors with knowledge and experience. You can learn this end of the market. But doing so takes time and much effort. Triflers and gamblers regularly lose playing here, knowledge and experience wins most often.

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small investor advantages

6 Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows

Small investor advantages Warren Buffett knows. Warren Buffett tells us that small investors have a growth advantage over huge investment accounts. This post discusses how that can be. When you or Warren Buffett are considering an investment opportunity, the opportunity must have the potential to make a difference to your portfolio. The advantages include, 1. Returns make a big difference, 2. Oh yes! Size matters! 3. Faster growth numbers, 4. Liquidity advantage, 5. Playing the pecking order, 6.New listings and startups. 1st of 2 parts.

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Auto sales matter to the economy

Autos, jobs and the FED

Autos, jobs and the FED Part 2 of 2 in the White Top View series: Key Market Indicators. Part 1, 4 Signals cut through stock market noise introduced these key market indicators. This time auto sales, employment and the Fed or U.S. Federal Reserve funds rate are discussed.

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4 Key economic indicators stack up

4 Key market indicators cut the noise

Key market indicators for anyone interested in stock market direction are reports of house prices, auto sales, employment and the FED fund rate. Together, these indicators reliably point to the stock market direction. They are dependable indicators on the collective economic activity of the population. Stock market direction consistently follows the direction of the general economy.

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