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Market Patterns Repeat

Market patterns repeat, déjà vu is already seen again!

Market patterns repeat for investors. Charts tracking stock prices show trading patterns that repeat. Repeating patterns can show the mind of the market. Both human groupthink as well as both the wisdom and madness of crowds are repeatedly displayed. Astute investors can use the knowledge and patterns to make money.

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How to find stocks that consistently make you money

How to find stocks that consistently make money

Win by picking winners!
Look among the stock market leaders for the winners. That is how to find stocks that consistently make you money. Stocks that lead the charge upward in bull markets consistently produce profits for shareholders. Go there and pick among the leaders to build a portfolio of winners.

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Trading in the middle again: investor thinking

The trading approach to the stock market lies in the middle of the risk spectrum while overlapping the other basic approaches. That puts it between a conservative investing strategy based on profit making companies and aggressive speculative strategies. For consistency we will refer to all plays that accept high risk seeking significant short term rewards […]

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