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Stock Markets Series gives an overview discussion of American and Canadian stock markets in an series of multiple related blog posts.

alternative stock markets

Alternate Stock Markets And Trader Choices

Alternate stock markets and trader choices are set up as direct competitors to the major exchanges. They serve institutional traders or to profit their institutional owners. In both Canada and the US there are multiple alternate stock markets set up to exchange shares for institutions. Generally speaking, these businesses set up as direct competitors to the major exchanges that we discussed in the earlier posts in the Stock Markets blog series.

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Canadian Investment Market Base

Canadian Investment Market Base

Canadian Investment Market Base opens the door to making money. Canada developed because of natural resources that remain the base of the Canadian economy. A sophisticated urban, manufacturing and technology culture has developed in Canada all built on a base of resource exploration, development and production.

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Mountains of Wealth and Opportunity

Investment Opportunity Grows With The Venture Exchange Merger

Investment opportunity grows with the Venture Exchange merger. Investors moved beyond Toronto and the Canadian Shield to exploit new resource opportunities. Investors financed numerous Canadian Shield ventures in Toronto. However, to finance Canadian resource ventures beyond that opportunity new exchanges developed.

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Investors ride rich rocks to build the TSX

Investors Ride Rich Rocks To Build The TSX

Investors ride rich rocks to build the TSX. Vast wealth comes from harvesting Canadian resources that built the nation and institutions across Canada. For investors, that includes the stock exchange now named the TSX that makes Toronto the dominating trading center for Canada.

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Research and Common Sense Protects Investors

Talk of Billions and Promoters

Talk of Billions and Promoters – Promoters everywhere access the OTC and Grey Market. We have billions to discuss but first, just to get this out of the way; Canada does not have an OTC or Grey Market. Instead we borrow access from our friendly southern neighbor. You will recall that we covered those and the other US based markets in our discussions last week.

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Sorting The American OTC Stock Markets

Sorting American OTC Stock Markets

Sorting American Stock Markets On the OTC Market you can buy stocks in about 10,000 mostly small companies or startup ventures from broker-dealers in the OTC Markets Group. So named as the Over The Counter market. Headquartered in New York but using a distinct operating model that spans the US.

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Sorting Stock Markets of USA and Canada

Sort Through The Stock Markets of USA and Canada

Sorting Stock Markets of USA and Canada. An eight part series that looks at the stock markets novice investors need to know about in Sort through the stock markets of USA and Canada. At first look, finding and picking among the thousands of stocks for an investment, can seem daunting. The challenge becomes manageable by first learning which markets to consider. As important, we need to decide which markets we want to avoid. And we need to know why.

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