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Eliminate bad debt, high cost money such as credit card debt

5 Key Personal Finance Checks

5 Key Personal Finance Checks, eliminate bad debt, keep only reasonable debt on appreciating assets, 6 month emergency fund, pay yourself 10% of paycheck. Anyone seeking financial security, independence or wanting to control of their future needs to have their financial house in order. Start where you are and set about making sure you are ready to build your future prosperity. The 5 Key Personal Finance Checks serve as a starting point. Right now, today, is the very best time to start.

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Reaction to headlines can hurt investors

Headline news warnings and stock market risks explained

Headline news warnings and stock market risks explained as possible market overreactions. Reactive trading and emotions can drive market action. At such times, turmoil, not smart investing decisions, drive markets. To avoid being spooked, and trading with your emotions, inform yourself, do your homework and take the long view.

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Warren Buffett explains gold's investment value

Warren Buffett explains the investment value of gold

Warren Buffett explains the investment value of gold. Warren Buffett explains his view of gold in a 2011 letter to shareholders. He makes the point that buying productive assets is an essential for investing success. Gold produces nothing. Good investments grow; they produce. We need to plant good investment seeds in our portfolio. Those are our well researched positions. Then we carefully attend to our portfolio to see it grow.

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Bitcoin Challenge Coin

Bitcoin, trust, fraud and psychology

A reader asked for a comment on the bitcoin market. Anyone with a burning need for a currency free of any central authority can use and trade bitcoins. Or shiny stones, old teacups or anything you can get someone else to agree has some value. With bitcoins some people will actually accept them as a form of payment.

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alternative stock markets

Alternate Stock Markets And Trader Choices

Alternate stock markets and trader choices are set up as direct competitors to the major exchanges. They serve institutional traders or to profit their institutional owners. In both Canada and the US there are multiple alternate stock markets set up to exchange shares for institutions. Generally speaking, these businesses set up as direct competitors to the major exchanges that we discussed in the earlier posts in the Stock Markets blog series.

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keys to the bank financial wizardry!

Keys To The Bank – A Great Invention

Keys to the bank – a great invention, discusses credit and banking magic as great human inventions and the essence of economic life and high living standards. The post explains the reserve banking system that multiplies money which lets banks extend credit that fuels modern economic growth.

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Mountains of Wealth and Opportunity

Investment Opportunity Grows With The Venture Exchange Merger

Investment opportunity grows with the Venture Exchange merger. Investors moved beyond Toronto and the Canadian Shield to exploit new resource opportunities. Investors financed numerous Canadian Shield ventures in Toronto. However, to finance Canadian resource ventures beyond that opportunity new exchanges developed.

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Investors ride rich rocks to build the TSX

Investors Ride Rich Rocks To Build The TSX

Investors ride rich rocks to build the TSX. Vast wealth comes from harvesting Canadian resources that built the nation and institutions across Canada. For investors, that includes the stock exchange now named the TSX that makes Toronto the dominating trading center for Canada.

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