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Characteristics of successful investors

4 Traits of successful investors

Anyone can develop the 4 Traits of successful investors: they learn and know investing. They pay attention, use an investment plan, are prepared to decide and act quickly and proactively as needed. They know both investing and markets while remaining attentive to both their holdings and the markets. By paying attention and planning ahead, they can decide quickly and act promptly and proactively as needed. That dependably produces their superior returns while they build greater financial security. You can make the choice of becoming a superior investor.

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Reaction to headlines can hurt investors

Headline news warnings and stock market risks explained

Headline news warnings and stock market risks explained as possible market overreactions. Reactive trading and emotions can drive market action. At such times, turmoil, not smart investing decisions, drive markets. To avoid being spooked, and trading with your emotions, inform yourself, do your homework and take the long view.

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Sorting Stock Markets of USA and Canada

Sort Through The Stock Markets of USA and Canada

Sorting Stock Markets of USA and Canada. An eight part series that looks at the stock markets novice investors need to know about in Sort through the stock markets of USA and Canada. At first look, finding and picking among the thousands of stocks for an investment, can seem daunting. The challenge becomes manageable by first learning which markets to consider. As important, we need to decide which markets we want to avoid. And we need to know why.

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No to Blackberry and three stock picks

Last day of the first half or end of the second quarter on the eve of Canada’s long weekend for Canada Day. Normally a quiet day. But today there will be Blackberry excitement as they sharply missed expectations. I have long thought this technically excellent company missed the boat. Shares are trading down 23% premarket. […]

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Today we have a taper dance and balloons!

Pre-open the futures were negative with Asian markets down and Europe still falling so what is to happen? Oil down and expected to continue and gold down still so that makes it hard to see Canada’s market move up; we expect a down day. US Fed Chairman Ben’s taper talk scared some investors who are running from […]

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