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Woman looking and pointing up and asks, "High frequency trading does what for me...or should I ask, does what to me?"

High Frequency Trading and You

High Frequency Trading, HFT a stock exchange rescue strategy of hyper-computer, communication and algorithms producing incredible consequences. A basic strategy erupted into a hyper-technology monster episode now producing incredible consequences.

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Janet Yellen, Chair, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Janet Yellen and Fed Expectations

Janet Yellen became one of the world’s most powerful players when President Barack Obama appointed her Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board. What expectations do we have? She carries more financial sector influence than any other civil servant in the world. Questions abound over Fed policy, financial stability, Mega-bank and financial institution regulation, asset bubble control and relations with Congress.

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Orange Wavy Arrow Shows Success, Growth and Achievement. "QE tapering talk will make markets twist and turn but we will go higher yet as earnings grow."

Ride tapering groupthink higher

You can ride the tapering groupthink higher. Groupthink can produce mindless selling triggered by emotional and knee jerk reactions to tapering talk. Made without any critical thinking, that behavior can produce stock and bond market turmoil. Any selloff can work in your favor. Times of turmoil and volatility produce excellent buying opportunities.

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Blue piggy bank and coins "Will QE stimulus or tapering hurt your savings or investments?"

Tapering groupthink can cost you!

Following tapering groupthink could cost stock market investors! Tapering groupthink relates to pending changes in the FED’s quantitative easing (QE) program. Market reaction to the changes can take money out of your pocket. The tapering will definitely and significantly affect markets.

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Incoming Fed Chair Janet Yellen said the policy of quantitative easing will continue for an extended period.

Janet Yellen told me – we are going higher – much higher!

At the Senate confirmation hearing into Yellen’s appointment by President Barack Obama she articulated her vision of future Fed policy. Anyone listening as I did could come to the same realizations. The continuation of established Fed policies will mean markets will continue going up.

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Momentum seen as a bull on a stock chart through a magnifying glass!

Momentum Investing – a trading play

Presuming an already uptrending or bullish market, a strong bull run for an individual stock needs momentum to continue upward price movement for any significant time. The bull icon serves interchangeably to represent a rising market, an investor buying long or the rising stock play itself. At such times we can say the bulls or herd runs as prices, volumes and investors charge ahead! At a minimum, momentum needs both an increasing price for the stock and an increasing volume of shares traded. Simple basic trading of a momentum play means buying a rising stock that on most days continues rising or trending to ever higher prices. Profitable momentum play execution requires trading out or selling the stock at the higher prices. Most such plays unfold over a matter of weeks or a few months; few extend longer than a year.

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Ben Bernanke, Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Bernanke knows booming & busting

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has the answer: From the dawn of time the business cycle has boomed and busted. For any product or service we humans endlessly seemed destined to repeat the same pattern. Be it a company or economy we cycled endlessly through extremes of expansion and contraction.
Consider the possibility that Ben Bernanke knows the way to smooth this cycle and put prospects of greater prosperity back on the table.

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Ben Bernanke, Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Bernanke bounces depression – helps stock markets and your pocketbook!

Ben Bernanke saved investors and the world from a world-wide depression by using the power to the Fed to stimulate the economy. Investors everywhere must know this. One courageous, brilliant and patient man stood between us and the abyss. An imaginative economic magician saw the future and took us there to save America and the world! The stimulus programs of Ben Bernanke have done just that. The ideal person with exactly the right knowledge and ability was in place when the economic alarm bells sounded in 2008. He saved us from again becoming victims of market greed.

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Ben Bernanke, Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Bernanke spends a billion $ here a trillion $ there! What happens next?

Seeing Fed brilliance in action! Part 2 of 3 Ben Bernanke and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank will self-liquidate well over $1.3 trillion massive mortgage inventory by simply letting the bonds mature. That great pile grows larger at the rate rate of $85 billion more each month!

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Characteristics of successful investors

4 Traits of successful investors

Anyone can develop the 4 Traits of successful investors: they learn and know investing. They pay attention, use an investment plan, are prepared to decide and act quickly and proactively as needed. They know both investing and markets while remaining attentive to both their holdings and the markets. By paying attention and planning ahead, they can decide quickly and act promptly and proactively as needed. That dependably produces their superior returns while they build greater financial security. You can make the choice of becoming a superior investor.

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