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3 Wealth Building Steps

You can choose to be wealthy!

You can choose to be wealthy!

Part 1 of 4, White Top View series, Wealth Building

Introduction to 3 Wealth Building Steps

Short of inheriting wealth, winning the lottery or starting Facebook you need to get rich from your own efforts. You can do that. You can choose to follow a well-worn and proven path already taken by many others.

This Part 1 of  the White Top View series, Wealth Building a discussing  the basic steps to wealth building. Links to all four parts of the White Top View series, Wealth Building are at the end of this post.

Simple rules and 3 wealth building steps:

1. Borrow – Debt Control
– borrow the least and pay the most to become debt free as fast as possible.

2. Save – Pay yourself 1st
– save as much as possible as fast as possible.

3. Learn – Investing basics
– become a knowledgeable investor.

Skipping any one step means you can still live well and be happy but wealth is note part of your future. Avoiding any step will certainly mean that you choose to forgo being as rich as possible. So chose to grow your wealth as well as living well and being happy. Do so by following 3 Steps of Wealth Building, pay off debt, save as much as possible and learn investing basics, all proven steps on the path to wealth.

Learn to live and enjoy life below your means

Not within your means, below your means. That overriding principle can make you rich.

It will also annoy your bank and may bug a few realtors. But it will make you rich. So if getting rich is your goal our next three discussions will cover each step so you know how to start on your path to wealth.

Are you ready to get rich? What are you doing to make that happen? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. Bryan Kelly May 22, 2014 at 7:09 am #

    Thanks James,

    It is important for all investors to know how to safely invest. That means understanding there are risks and predators in markets. High frequency trading certainly tilts the table which serves as an example of risks that may not be obvious to a new investor. Learning to cope is part of learning how to invest well.


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