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3 Big and 6 Other Investment Choices

3rd Big Investment Choice

Many markets of many types offer many investment choices for discussion and your consideration.

Making Investment Choices

This post on investment choices opens a continuing White Top View Series, Investment Choice. The series provides a basic survey of many choices for investors. The series begins with discussion of the most popular investment choices, mutual funds, ETFs and equities or stocks. The posts that follow that first group discuss less common and more specialized choices. Included among the other investment choices are, bonds, commodities, treasuries, money market funds, foreign exchange and derivatives. Options and futures are also parts of the investment choice discussion.

Links to all parts of the White Top View Series, Investment Choice are at the end of this post.

The 3 most popular investment choices are:

  1. Mutual Funds

  2. Exchange Traded Funds

  3. Stocks or Equities

6 other investment choices include:

  1. Bonds

  2. Commodities

  3. Treasuries

  4. Money market funds

  5. Foreign exchange

  6. Derivatives

Depending upon each individual’s specific circumstances, the prudent choice or choices can cover a broad range of possibilities. The most important issue for someone getting ready to invest is addressing any existing financial issue. See the White Top View post, 5 Key Personal Finance Checks for a list to check that your financial house is in order. That basic list guides anyone seeking financial security, independence or wanting to control of their future, to make sure that they start from a solid financial footing.

With these matters addressed we can look closer at each choice for investing. First, the following parts of this series, lay out some context to making investment choices. Then, starting with mutual funds we discuss each choice in a blog post. Future posts discuss where and how you can begin.

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